Paper Cores

> Products Such As Tape, Paper, Plastic Or Metal Foil Are Wound Tightly Around The Core,

> For Distribution Purposes, Paper Cores Are Hollow Tubes Which Are Able To Be Fed Onto A Horizontal Pole And Then Able To Be Rotated Around Releasing A Desired Amount Of The Rolled Material At A Time,

> Paper Cores Are Used In Self Adhesive Tapes And Flexible Film Winding,

> Made From Wood Pulp Fiber, Paper Cores Can Be Combined With A Variety Of Adhesives And Laminates Which Give The Core Properties Such As Strength, Water Resistance Or Heat Resistance,

> Made For A Wide Range Of Applications, Paper Cores Come In Virtually Limitless Combinations Of Diameter, Thickness And Length,

> Although Industrial Paper Cores Are Used For The Purposes Based On The Customer, They Are Broadly Used For Storing, Shipping, Spinning And Also Are Used For Closures Of Plastic, Wooden And Metal

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