Dove Type Soap Over-Wrapping Machine

Dove Type Soap Over-Wrapping Machine

Our Machines Pack The Most Essential Product Decently And At High Speed. We Make Sure That The Product Should Look Great While Is On The Shelf. 

We Have A Range Of Models With Mechanical To Servo Base Machines For Your Custom-size Cartons/boxes. 

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Accessories Static Charge Eliminator. Operations Of Machine

The Carton Will Be Loaded Manually In The Hopper.

A Pusher Provided On The Conveyor Will Pick Up A Carton And Will Be Passed On To The Wrapping Station.

  • The Film Will Be Drawn And Cut To The Required Size.

  • The Carton Will Be Picked Up The Film When Pushed Up To The Wrapping Station.

  • The Flaps Will Be Folded And Sealed By Folder And Heaters Respectively. The Ends Will Be Folded By Pair Of Folders And Sealed With The Heater Body.

Technical Specifications

  1. Power Input - 2 KW. III Phase

  2. Motor - Non-flame Proof, 1.0 H.P.

  3. Air Input - 4.0Kgs /cm2 (3 CFM) Dry Compressed Air.

  4. Type Of Seal - Three-Side Seal. (End Seal Can Be Various Types I.e. Square/dot/ Rectangular)

  5. Packing Material - Heat-treated Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene. (B.O.P.P.)

  6. M/C Can Be Designed - To Wrap Different Sizes With Separate Change-over Parts.

  7. Change Over Parts - Fingers, 1st Centering, Folder, Gear For Paper Drawing, Packing For The Cutter, Etc.

  8. Speed - Up To 40 Cartons Per Minute. (Depending On Manual Feed)


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