The Duplex Twin Worm Vacuum Plodder Is Suitable For Extrusion Of Toilet Soap Bar.
The Components Of Plodder Are:-
1.Extrution Barrels :
Extrusion Barrels Are Made Of Seamless Grade Tubes. Outer Double Jacket Is Fitted For Cooling Of The Plodder, By A Forced Water Flow Circulation. 
The Inside Water Circuit Is Pre Mounted.
2. Extrusion Worms :
Worms Are Fabricated On Hollow Heavy Duty Tubes. These Worms Are Highly Glossy Polished. Being A Low Weight It Will Consume Lesser Electric Power & Higher Extrusion Rate. The Worms Are Supported By The Spider Wheels With Teflon Bushes.
3.Bearing Housing Unit Or Thrust Unit :
In This Unit Thrust Bearings Are Installed Outside The Gear Boxes In An Independent Group, With The Combination, Three (3) Bearings Are Fitted In Sequence With Lubrication Ports.
4.Refining Head :
Hinged Round Hole Drilled Plate Duly Fitted With Rotary Knife System That Ensures The Best Refining & Cutting Of The Noodles To Standard Size.


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