Core-Less Trim Winding Machine

Coreless Rolls Offer Many Benefits In Production And Use, Including:

  • Faster, Easier Replacement
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Waste
  • Reducing Costs By Simplifying Production
  • Saving Space During Transportation
  • Increasing The Amount Of Product Per Roll

    Usage :
  • The Shafts Are Automatically Placed In The Rewind Station By A Shaft Handler. The Rewind Chucks Are Engaged, Securing The Shaft As The Winding Cycle Commences.
  • The Tails Of The Paper Are Automatically Cut After The Product Is Completely Wound. The Rolls Are Then Transferred To The Sealing Station Where The Cut Ends Are Sealed With Glue Or An Adhesive Tab.
  • When The Gluing Process Is Complete, The Rolls Move To The Stripping Station Where The Shaft Is Held Firmly In Place And A Stripping Plate And Shuttle Strip The Rolls Off Of The Shafts.


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