> These Times Air Shafts & Multi Tube Shafts Are Finding Very Important Placed In Industries Where They Use Any Kind Of Cores Or Rolls,

> Airshafts Are Available As Either Lug Type (with Bladder Down The Centre) Or Strip Type (bladders On The Periphery Of The Shaft).down Time,

> Air Chucks Are Valve Fittings That Secure To Your Tire Valve Stem For Tire Pressure Inflation & Maintenance,

> Air Chucks Are Typically Sold As Attachments For Tire Pressure Gauges, Inflators, Or Air Compressor Hoses,

> Air Shafts Are Used On Many Converting Machines. An Example Of One Of These Machines Is A Slitting Machine Or Slitter Rewinder Which Is Used To Cut Or Slit Large Rolls Of Material Into Smaller Rollers,

> The Advantage Of Using An Airshaft Is Its Ability To Grip The Core, Without Damage, Whilst Providing A Positive Interface To Control The Web Via Motors & Brakes,

> Air Expanding Shafts Are Used In The Manufacturing Processes For Fitting Into A Core Onto Which Materials Such As Paper, Card And Plastic Film Are Wound,

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